Exynos Chips May Come To More Samsung & Non-Samsung Phones In 2021


A new report by Yonhap News Agency brings to notice that Samsung is planning to bring more Exynos chips to Samsung as well as non-Samsung smartphones in 2021.

Samsung has been facing criticism for the Exynos 990 variants of the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 models. Note that Samsung releases two variants of its flagships, i.e. Snapdragon and Exynos variant.

Qualcomm Snapdragon variants are sold in North American and Chinese flagships. While the Exynos variants are sold in European and Asian markets.


There is nothing wrong is selling flagship variants with home-grown chipsets. But the main issue arises when there is a huge gap in performance between Snapdragon and Exynos variants.

Moreover, it becomes more of an issue when both models carry the same price tag. Besides, on multiple occasions, we have seen poor performance in Exynos powered phones.

Though Samsung has never officially acknowledged this issue and continues to use Exynos chips in its devices. However, it is very recently that users have become more aware of this fact.


Notably, for your information, Samsung doesn't even use Exynos chips for devices sold in its home country. Then the question arises why the company sells under-performing flagships in other markets.

Samsung Exynos 990 chipsets reportedly surfaced with a heating problem

According to local analysts, the performance gap between Exynos and Snapdragon widened after 2017. Besides, the latest Exynos 990 chipset has been surfaced with a heating issue.

However, this is not holding down the company's ambition towards Exynos chips. And it is currently developing a new Exynos chip for next year, under the codename "Olympus."


One good thing is that Samsung will use ARM-designed core to bring the performance improvements. Though only this inclusion would not help reduce the performance gap. But it is a welcome change.

Apparently, the company will replace Mali GPUs with AMD's Radeon GPUs starting from 2022. Another good sign that the company is internally working to improve its Exynos chip's performance.

The opportunity that Samsung wants to grab is the increase in the price of SoCs by Qualcomm. Reportedly, Qualcomm has hiked the price of its chipsets.


Notably, the next premium chip could end up being even more expensive than the Snapdragon 865. This is where Samsung wants to come in as an affordable chip provider.

The rise of budget 5G smartphones will make the new Exynos more attractive

We all know that 5G is the future. With OEMs launching more budget 5G smartphones, Exynos could come in as a cheap alternative to smartphone manufacturers.

Kim Yang-jae, an analyst at KTB Investment & Securities, states that it is highly likely that Samsung would release more Exynos-powered devices in 2021.


This includes both Samsung as well as non-Samsung phones. Additionally, the usage of Exynos chipset would help the company to bring down the production cost of the phone, in turn generating more profit.