Samsung Says 5G Is More Important To Consumers Than Battery Life

Galaxy S20 FE Design 5

Battery life has seemingly been one of the most important factors for consumers, but now Samsung is saying that 5G is taking over as the more important feature.

Samsung just recently launched the Galaxy S20 FE, a device that comes with both 5G and what is likely decent battery life. Thanks to its 4,500mAh-capacity battery. But make no mistake. The more important of the two is apparently 5G.

Consumers (in the US only) who recently took a survey that Samsung handed out stated 5G as one of the most important features. The survey was given out to buyers who picked up either the Galaxy S20 5G, or Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.


The Samsung survey shows battery life wasn't even in the top three

For consumers who recently bought a Galaxy S20, battery life apparently wasn't even in the top three for reasons why they bought that particular phone.

According to Samsung, the number one reason consumers bought a Galaxy S20 was the display. This shouldn't be too hard to believe. The Galaxy S20 does have a nice display. And apparently consumers throughout the US think so too.

Second behind the display, was 5G connection capabilities. Now not all models of the Galaxy S20 have 5G support. The base model is 4G LTE. But the Galaxy S20 does come in a 5G variant. And the Galaxy S20 Ultra only comes in a 5G variant.


As for the third reason why consumers picked the device, Samsung says it comes down to performance. Buyers wanted a powerful device that could handle whatever they threw at it.

And for the most part, both the Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are equipped to perform very well.

So why has battery life taken a back seat?

Samsung doesn't give a definitive reason, but it likely comes down to the charging time.


The flagship devices from the company all come with Super Fast Charging and Fast Wireless Charging. At 25w and 15w respectively. This allows the device to be charged up extremely fast. Much faster than phones from a few years or even just a couple of years ago.

Long battery life isn't necessarily needed anymore. At least not as much as it was. Because charge times have been significantly reduced. It's easy enough to carry a charging adapter with you that supports these quicker charge speeds.

Or a wireless charger that does the same. So if your battery starts getting too low, you can just top it off in no time.


Again, this isn't a confirmed reason from Samsung why battery life is less important than 5G connectivity. But it would make sense. It's more about necessity.