Here's How Much The Samsung 4K Projector Will Cost In The US

Samsung The Premiere

In early September Samsung announced a new type of TV at IFA, called the Premiere, which is a 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector that essentially has the capability to cover your entire wall.

That is depending on how big your wall actually is. The point is that this device is rather big and can be purchased in sizes that will go up to either 120-inches or up to 130-inches.

Those are no small displays. On the contrary, they're pretty massive and are sure to please anyone who watches content on them. The one thing Samsung didn't mention during the IFA announcement was what the cost would be of its 4K projector once it launched in the US.

Well, today Samsung has announced the US pricing, and it isn't cheap. Though that's probably no surprise. These are from Samsung after all which already tends to be a bit pricier, and it's a 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector.

The Samsung 4K projector starts at $3,500

As noted this projector comes in two different sizes – 120-inches (the LSP7T) and 130-inches (the LSP9T). In terms of price the projector starts at $3,500.

Which is not exactly an insignificant amount. The $3,500 price is for the former of the two sizes. If you want to bump things up to the 130-inch model, you'll need to pay $6,500.

Keep in mind that the feature set for both is relatively similar. There aren't a lot of differences. Save for maybe one. The larger model, is the world's first 4K projector that comes with HDR10+ support.

Which means the smaller LSP7T doesn't have HDR10+. In short if you want the HDR10+ support with this projector you'll have to go for the one that costs almost double the amount of the smaller model.

They go on sale today

If you're eager to upgrade your viewing experience at home, Samsung is already selling the Premiere directly through its own website.

You can also get ready to pre-order or purchase them at Best Buy in the near future. The Best Buy website already has listings for both models of the projector, but you can't currently place them in your cart as they're listed as coming soon.

Samsung says The Premiere delivers a cinema experience that when compared to other projectors, is one of the best that's currently on the market. In addition to the 4K UHD picture, this experience is helped by the included built-in woofers and acoustic beam surround sound.

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