The Ring Alarm Security Kit Now Comes With Verizon LTE Connectivity

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Verizon has extended its' partnership with Amazon and is bringing support for its LTE network to the Ring Alarm Security Kit.

What this means is that your security system won't lose connectivity if your ISP has an outage. It also provides an LTE backup on Verizon's network, which is the most awarded network for connectivity.

However, if your power goes out for an extended time, you're out of luck. Ring Alarm does have a 24-hour backup though.


This is going to be a brand new system called "7-piece Ring Alarm Security Kit with Verizon LTE". It is basically the same Ring Alarm system that you know and love already, but now, there is Verizon LTE support.

How much will this new alarm system cost?

According to Verizon, it's still going to be pretty affordable.

The seven-piece kit, which includes the Base Station, Keypad, Range Extender, Motion Detector and three Contact Sensors for windows and doors, will cost you $229.99. That is the same price as the seven-piece kit without LTE. So it's pretty affordable still.


Now, the catch here is that you will need to pay monthly for the Security by Ring service. This is going to cost you $10 per month, and gives you the cellular backup, as well as 60-days of video storage for all Ring cameras and Ring Video Doorbells at your home. This is all billed through your existing Verizon bill.

The Security by Ring service was already available for the Alarm system. But now with the Ring Alarm Security Kit with Verizon LTE, you're going to need to pay that monthly fee to get the LTE backup. Which is the whole point of getting this particular model.

The advantage of having the LTE backup is mostly for when the WiFi goes out, which may not happen all that often, depending on your ISP. But remember, if your power goes out, then the cellular backup is basically useless. As it won't have power to connect to Verizon's network. Even though Verizon's network is still up and running. So keep that in mind before purchasing.


Verizon is discounting the new Ring Alarm Security Kit for customers

To celebrate this announcement, Verizon is discounting the new Ring Alarm Security Kit for its customers.

For a limited time, customers save $50 on the new Ring Alarm Security Kit with the purchase of any new smartphone from Verizon. Or $100 off, when you purchase any new Motorola smartphone from Verizon.

Ring Alarm Security Kit with Verizon LTE - Verizon