You Can Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

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If you're looking to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy tab S7, you won't have a long wait to get your hands on it.

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab S7 during its first Unpacked event back on August 5. At the time, it noted that details on availability would be forthcoming.

Those details were shared as part of Samsung's second Unpacked event this week. Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and started pre-orders for that device on September 1. So if you're considering buying both devices, you may want to think about pre-ordering everything at the same time as it would make the transaction easier.


You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 from today

Pre-ordering the Galaxy Tab S7 is now available as the page went live earlier this morning. Though it will still be a couple of weeks before you can actually buy and get a hold of it the same day.

To purchase it out of pre-order status, customers will need to wait until September 18 where at that time it should also be available in stores at Samsung's retail partners.

If you want to get a jump start though, today is your day. Samsung is making pre-orders available for the Galaxy Tab S7, and The Galaxy Tab S7+ in Wi-Fi and 5G models. Prices will start at $649 for the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S7 and go up from there depending on the configuration you choose.


With the Galaxy Tab S7+, prices start at $849 as it has the bigger 12.4-inch display.

If you pre-order the tablet you get a nice little perk

The Galaxy Tab S7 is no doubt going to be a useful device but it's more useful with the keyboard attachment.

And if you pre-order the tablet Samsung is giving you a nice little perk. A savings on the keyboard. Anyone that pre-orders the device before it launches on September 18 will get 50-percent off the cost of the keyboard. And since neither the tablet or the keyboard are relatively cheap, any savings is good savings.


Samsung is no stranger to giving out rewards to customers who pre-order its devices. So this practice is nothing new here. Still, even though it's not surprising, it's still always nice to see that you can save a little money on new tech.

You can pre-order the tablet directly from Samsung, but you'll also be able to grab it from Amazon and other retail partners as well.

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