Pixel The Dog Helps Google Promote The Pixel 4a & Android 11

Google Pixel 4a dog ads

Google has released several new videos to promote both the Pixel 4a and Android 11, and it’s using Pixel the dog in order to do that. Pixel the dog is actually a very cute pug.

The company actually released eight videos in total. In them, Google does not mention the Pixel 4a by name, but it is using that device in the videos. The focus here is more on the software, than the hardware.

Google promotes Pixel 4a and Android 11 with some help from Pixel the dog

Google actually pits the Pixel 4a vs Pixel the pug, and the ads are quite cute. The Pixel 4a, of course, wins every time. It’s a rather interesting way to promote your products.


In these ads, Google advertises its Car Crash Detection feature. This feature is here to automatically call for help if you’re unable to. Google “brilliantly” points out that Pixel the pug wouldn’t be of much use in the situation.

The Pixel 4a’s Recorder function is also highlighted in one of the videos. That feature will not only record your voice, but it can transcribe everything you say, so you can search for something specific later on.

Titan M security is also noted in one of the videos, as is the Pixel 4a’s solid battery life. Once again, Google comically mentions that Pixel the pug’s battery doesn’t last as long, as it drains quickly.


The Adaptive Battery feature is highlighted, as are some camera features. To be more specific, Google has two separate videos, which highlight Night Sight and Astrophotography, respectively.

You can find all of these videos below the article, where we embedded them. They’re very short, by the way, each of them has a duration of about half a minute, including the intro, that is the same for every video.

The Pixel 4a is the company’s newest phone, but not for long

The Google Pixel 4a is the company’s newest Pixel smartphone, even though that won’t be the case for long. The Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are right around the corner. The two phones will arrive on October 15.


In addition to them, Google is expected to announce some additional hardware. Despite the fact those two are coming, the Pixel 4a will remain a rather compelling option for users.

The Pixel 4a will remain considerably cheaper than the other two phones, especially the Pixel 5. The device has been praised by many outlets, including us, as one of the best budget phones in the market.

That is true, it offers everything you may need. A solid build, good battery life, excellent camera, it can be used with one hand, it has a reliable fingerprint scanner, and so on. The list is quite long. Read more about it in our full review.