Pixel Buds Update Fixes A Bug But Probably Not The One You Wanted

Google Pixel Buds 2 AM AH 6

Google is now rolling out a Pixel Buds update, fixing at least one bug that's persisted since launch, reports say. But that might not be the bug users were expecting or hoping for since. At least for some users, and especially since it hasn't been one of the more commonly reported problems.

Summarily, Google is fixing a bug that caused severe audio cut-out during playback. But that actually encompasses quite a few bugs that have been seen with those true wireless earbuds. This particular bug cut out on a seemingly timed schedule. Specifically, it forced audio cut-out every 1-minute and 50-seconds.

Following a thorough investigation by Googlers, that's an issue that should no longer be happening after the update to firmware version V552.


Here's how to get this update for Pixel Buds?

Fortunately, it's going to be an easy process to get the update started.

On Pixel phones — with Android 10 or later — users simply need to'

  1. Navigate to settings and then select "Connected devices"
  2. Tap the Settings icon next to the paired Pixel Buds name
  3. Scroll down to "More Settings"
  4. Select "Firmware update"

On non-Pixel devices, a similar process is followed to steps 3 and 4. But users will need to start by;

  1. Navigate to the Google Pixel Buds app

That's also going to be the menu where automatic updates are turned on or off.

In either case, the update may not have arrived just yet. This is a scheduled rollout so some patience may be required. The update should install automatically once it does arrive, as long as the Pixel Buds are synced up.

This fixes precisely nothing at all else, unfortunately

As already noted above, this update is designed to fix just one problem. And Google indicates that the problem is the only one that it will fix. It may seem more intuitive for the search giant to have fixed more with the update. Particularly where many other issues also deal with audio cut-out, Bluetooth connection issues, and a host of other issues. But it hasn't included anything else.


One other caveat that's worth mentioning is that it's not necessarily going to be an easy process for those who bought these earbuds for use with non-Android devices. In fact, the company's announcement of the fix calls out those users directly. Google says that those users who don't have access to an Android device will need to contact the company's customer service division for further guidance.