The New Portrait Light Mode On The Pixel 5 Is Powered By AI

Portrait Light Mode

Google’s getting even more serious about photos, and today announced a smart new feature called Portrait Light mode.

The new feature will be arriving on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G first. Google will be bringing this to other Pixel devices down the line though too. While it doesn’t mention which Pixel devices specifically, which ones are pretty obvious.

It’ll no doubt be coming to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a devices. And there’s a pretty large probability that it’ll be coming to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a lines as well. The only question really is when. Since Google doesn’t give a specific time frame here other than soon.


Compatibility aside, Portrait Light mode is a feature which has deep integration with Google’s machine learning technology. Using this, it’s able to help you get better lighting for portrait style photos.

Portrait Light mode helps you get the best lighting for faces

When Google launched the Portrait mode feature it was a big deal. And today Google is making it even better with the advanced lighting capabilities.

Despite the name, Portrait Light won’t just be for pictures taken in Portrait. Google says that you can add the better lighting effects to other pictures too. Whether it’s a recent photo or older photo that was taken years ago.

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This new editing feature is going to be available in the Google photos app. So it isn’t something that you mess with during the actual capture of the photo. Rather it’s a post-processing editing feature that you apply afterwards.

With it you can change both the light position and the brightness of the lighting once you select where you want the light coming from. Giving you more granular control over how your photos look.

The feature is part of the new Google Photos editor

Portrait Light, along with the other new photos features, is part of a new editor rolling out to the Google Photos app.


Google is beginning to send that update out to the Android app starting today. Which means some users are going to be seeing these new features pretty soon. That leaves a very small chance that some users on older Pixel devices could see Portrait Light before the new phones release.

Though it isn’t a guarantee. Either way, Google Photos is about to get a lot more robust and Google is hoping it’ll convince users to take more pictures. And really, with how good the photos are on Pixel devices, why wouldn’t you?