Here's The Pixel 5, New Chromecast & Nest Audio In One Picture

pixel 5 leak

This morning, we've seen a few pictures showing off the Pixel 5, and now we're seeing one showing off all of Google's new devices. That includes the Pixel 5, Chromecast and Nest Audio, in a single picture.

This is also our first glimpse at the green Pixel 5. Which is not quite a dark green like many were hoping for, but not mint green either. It looks really nice actually.

It's likely that this is everything that Google is going to be announcing next week at its launch event. As companies typically put all of their new products into a picture, called a "hero" picture, which is what they use for marketing and such.


Pixel 5, Chromecast & Nest Audio coming next week

If we are only getting these three devices (and the Pixel 4a 5G), then this will be the lightest hardware event from Google in quite some time. Typically, Google announces a ton of hardware. At least ten new hardware products, every year. But a lot of those products don't need to be updated every single year – like Nest WiFi.

Google acknowledged all of these products when they sent out the invite to their September 30 event. So none of this should come as a surprise.

The Chromecast is going to be more of an Android TV dongle (there's rumors that it might get renamed to Google TV though), and it's about time the two merged. It appears to be coming in white, and hopefully black too. Though most of the leaks have shown the white model.


Then there is the Nest Audio, which is the Nest smart home speaker. Replacing the Google Home. This was bound to happen, with Google rebranding all the Home products to Nest, and the fact that Google Home hasn't been updated in many years. It's also a pretty stark difference from the Air Freshener-shaped Google Home. It'll also be cheaper, with a rumored price of $99.

There could be more…

We have also seen leaks for a few other devices recently. Like a new Nest Thermostat which went through the FCC recently. As well as a new Nest WiFi product. Which is set to be a single router and would cost $99. Much cheaper than the current Nest WiFi setup.

Given the very few leaks we've seen of these two products, they may not actually launch next week. Google may show them off and then say they are coming in the Spring. Like they did with Pixel Buds laster year. They announced them, and said they'd be available in the Spring (which they were).