The Pixel 5 Might Actually Have Decent Battery Life

pixel 5 leak winfuture

Google is set to unveil the Pixel 5 (and a few other products) next week, on September 30. But we’re already finding out plenty about the Pixel 5, including the fact that it might have some decent battery life.

According to a leak from WinFuture, the Pixel 5 is going to sport a 4080mAh capacity battery. Which is the biggest capacity that Google has ever offered on a Pixel device. It seems that Google may have learned its lesson from the many complaints about the Pixel 4 battery life last year.

With that 4080mAh battery, the Pixel 5 is also sporting the Snapdragon 765G which is very power efficient. And a 6-inch 1080p 90Hz display on-board, means that it might actually last a full day. However, charging is still capped at 18W. That’s not a huge deal, considering this is still a somewhat small battery on the Pixel 5, but getting 25W would have been a lot nicer.


Finally, the Pixel 5 will support 4K60

The second lens on the Pixel 5 is indeed an ultra-wide angle camera. Which is going to be a 16-megapixel sensor with a f/2.2 aperture. It is also capable of recording 4K at 60fps. Or you can do up to 240fps at 1080p.

Google corrected two other major complaints with the Pixel 4, which was no ultra-wide camera and no 4K60 recording. It really looks like Google is listening to its customers finally.

As for the other cameras, the main is still a 12.2-megapixel sensor. The same sensor since the original Pixel. And the front has the same 8-megapixel sensor, but the field-of-view has been reduced from 90 degrees to 83 degrees.


The Pixel 5 is also made 100% out of recycled plastic, making it a phone that is actually good for the environment. Unfortunately, it won’t be glass or metal like previous Pixel smartphones. But it could still be coated in a metal-like material to feel more high-end.

It is also rated IP68 for both water and dust resistance.

Fingerprint sensor makes a return

We saw this with the Pixel 4a back in August, but Google is bringing back the fingerprint sensor. And it’ll be located on the back of the phone. That is actually great news. As the in-display sensors are just total garbage, and very slow. While the capacitive ones on the back of the phone are a lot faster.


The Pixel 5 as well as the Pixel 4a 5G is set to be announced on September 30 at 11AM PT. So it won’t be long before we know all of the details.