Pixel 4 Owners Can't Catch A Break, New Battery Bug Spotted

Google Pixel 4 Hands On AM AH 11

Pixel 4 owners are reporting yet another string of battery issues, even following bug fixes in the update to Android 11. The issues, as reported by Android Police, come in two directions. Both during charging and during discharging or use. And both problems appear to be hardware-related too.

The first issue, and apparently most often seen, happens during charging. Summarily, users say that their Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL handsets are getting stuck during the charging process. The phones get stuck at approximately half-charged.

The devices in question also sometimes rapidly discharge. Users report that their Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are suddenly draining to zero and shutting off.


Last but not least, some of the affected devices show a ‘question mark’. That appears in the battery icon on the notification shade. Typically, smartphones show the remaining battery life or current charge in or next to the battery icon as numbers. So the appearance of a question mark instead is a definitive indicator that something is going wrong.

Both problems appear to be hardware issues, so that may be why the software update hasn’t fixed it

Despite the wide range of battery issues being seen here, the fixes that some users are reporting are entirely physical. For example, at least one user reported that they could fix the problem by pressing on the back of their phone. The user indicates that pressure needs to be applied just to the right-hand side of the Google logo at the back of the device.

That indicates that a component may be loose on the interior of the phone. Or, potentially, that there’s a problem with the brackets or cable connector itself reports indicate. Alternatively, there may be a short in the internal connectors.


It isn’t immediately clear whether pressure needs to be maintained through charging or if a short press will do. Regardless, the fix isn’t permanent and the problem seems to always return.

This is just another of many Pixel problems

Pixel 4 devices aren’t the only ones currently experiencing problems either. Its mid-range sibling, the Pixel 4a, has reportedly simultaneously been experiencing a touchscreen bug. That issue appears to be software related and can most likely be fixed with an update. And similar bugs have been spotted in nearly every Pixel-branded smartphone released over the years. In addition to bugs related to cameras, performance, and more.

However, as is often the case, Google has yet to acknowledge that there’s a problem at all with regard to the newest batch of battery problems. So the only permanent fix seems to be reaching out to Google for a replacement.