OnePlus Watch & Power Bank Likely Coming Alongside The OnePlus 8T

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The OnePlus Watch and Power Bank will probably launch alongside the OnePlus 8T. Both of those devices have surfaced in a new certification filing, this time around, it happened in India. The two devices got certified by BIS.

The OnePlus Watch & Power Bank may launch alongside the OnePlus 8T, as they appeared online

Just to be clear, these certification filings do not guarantee these are the products we’re talking about, as their names haven’t been mentioned. The filings do fit the description, though, and those two gadgets are expected to come soon.

The OnePlus Watch has managed to excite a lot of consumers recently. A well-known tipster confirmed not only that it’s coming, but that it will feature a round display and body.


That will become the first smartwatch that OnePlus announced, and it will almost certainly run Wear OS. It will run a customized version of Wear OS, though, which gives us hope.

Wear OS is not exactly a great OS considering the number of issues it had / has, but OPPO managed to make it better with the OPPO watch. OnePlus is well-known for creating really good software, so we hope that’ll show with the OnePlus Watch.

The OPPO Watch is actually quite great, which you’ll find out in our upcoming review. It comes with Wear OS, but also some additions from OPPO on top of it.


The OnePlus Watch will probably be made out of metal, and support wireless charging

The OnePlus Watch will probably be made out of metal, while it will likely support wireless charging. We don’t really know what will the watch look like, but it could resemble the upcoming Vivo Watch, we’ll see.

The OnePlus Power Bank hasn’t been mentioned for a long time. The company has been rumored to release such a product a number of times, but it never happened.

Consumers will expect such a power bank to support fast charging, needless to say. It should be capable of quickly replenishing phones, especially OnePlus’ smartphones. Therefore, we’re guessing some sort of Warp Charge will be included in the package.


We’re expecting to see a 10,000mAh power bank from the company, but we’re only guessing, Absolutely no information leaked regarding it, at least not recently.

Whatever the case may be, these two products are expected to launch alongside the OnePlus 8T soon. They will launch either at the end of this month, or in October, we’ll see.

OnePlus has been rather quiet regarding all this, but we do knot that the OnePlus 8T is coming. The OnePlus 8T Pro probably won’t launch, though nothing is certain yet.