Mysterious OnePlus 'Lemonade' Device Is In The Works

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So, it seems like OnePlus is working on a lot of phones these days. A brand new one just surfaced, the OnePlus ‘Lemonade’. This phone is a complete mystery, as this is the first time we’re seeing this codename.

This information got shared by a Twitter user called ‘OneNormalUsername’, and reshared by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers. Four codenames are mentioned here: lemonade, lemonadep, lemonadept, lemonade, and lemonadev.

The OnePlus ‘Lemonade’ is a complete mystery at the moment

We cannot begin to guess what this is, and do hope that more information will surface. OnePlus is currently busy developing ‘Billie’, ‘Clover’, and ‘Kebab’ devices.


Those are all codenames for the company’s upcoming smartphones. ‘Billie’ phones are devices fueled by the Snapdragon 600 series chips. The Snapdragon 660 / 662 and 690 devices have been rumored recently.

The OnePlus ‘Clover’ handset is the rumored Snapdragon 460-powered device. Information regarding that phone surfaced from a reliable source quite recently. It seems like this will become OnePlus’ entry-level smartphone, first of its kind.

And finally, OnePlus ‘Kebab’. That codename is reserved for the company’s upcoming flagship series, the OnePlus 8T. Those devices will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 Plus, almost certainly, and are coming soon.

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Considering that all of these codenames cover the Snapdragon 400, 600, and 800 series chips, we really do wonder what is OnePlus ‘Lemonade’. It is possible that it’s a phone, but we still don’t know what exactly.

The OnePlus Watch is also rumored to arrive in the near future

OnePlus is developing a lot of devices these days, as even the OnePlus Watch is rumored to arrive in the future. OnePlus also released its first pair of TWS earbuds this year.

Whatever happens, this year will mark the year OnePlus released the most devices ever. The company is clearly branching out, and trying to compete in some new market segments.


Now, it is worth noting that Mishaal Rahman had something to add to the ‘Lemonade’ leak. He said that there could be 2-4 variants of ‘billie’, ‘billie2/2t’, and ‘billie8/8t’ devices.

Five variants of ‘lemonade’ got mentioned in today’s leak, while two variants of ‘kebab’ are expected. Codenames ‘kebab’ and ‘kebabt’ got mentioned by Mr. Rahman.

It will be interesting to see how many of these devices will make it to market before the end of 2020. OnePlus announced three smartphones thus far in 2020.