OnePlus Launches IDEAS 2.0 Co-Creation Campaign To Improve OxygenOS

OnePlus IDEAS 2

OnePlus is back with round two of its IDEAS co-creation campaign. The IDEAS 2.0 campaign will allow the OnePlus community to provide inputs to help improve the user experience of OxygenOS, the company’s custom Android skin. The campaign will run from September 28 to November 6, 2020.

Throughout this period, users can submit ideas on what features the company should implement on the future versions of OxygenOS. OnePlus encourages you to upload sketches or mockups to better illustrate your concept.

The review and selection process will occur every two weeks. The company will shortlist the top seven ideas each round based on the number of likes. All adopted ideas will be announced by November 16.


Winning ideas will get a VIP ticket to an OnePlus offline event, along with a round trip and one-night accommodation. The winners may have to wait sometime to receive their ultimate prize though, as there’s no sight of an offline event happening anytime soon. Additionally, all submitters will win 3 XP while the top seven ideas from each round will also win 50 XP and exclusive community medals.

“It’s important to keep your idea clear and neat because you will also have to convince your peers that your idea is worth voting for,” the company says. “…if the top ideas fit our software philosophy, they will be picked for implementation.”

OnePlus launches IDEAS 2.0 co-creation campaign

OnePlus has one of the most active online communities. And in order to ensure that fans have their voices heard, the company launched the IDEAS campaign earlier this year. It essentially bridges the gap between the community and the OxygenOS development team. It also allows OnePlus to bring some of the most-saught features to its software.


The round one of the campaign saw the company collect feedback and ideas from its users to enhance OxygenOS. The company received thousands of submissions last time. The first campaign was open for both products and software and ran between March 5 to April 30.

Always-on Display (AOD), folders within the app drawer, and Zen mode are some of the OxygenOS features that OnePlus picked from the IDEAS campaign and added to Android 11-based OxygenOS 11.

People have already started submitting their ideas for the future versions of OxygenOS. Customizable refresh rates and split-screen in landscape mode are some of the features that OnePlus users want to see on their phones. OxygenOS 11 hasn’t been particularly well-received for its design by early adopters. Perhaps the IDEAS 2.0 campaign may see some feedback around this as well.