A Cheaper Version Of OnePlus Buds Coming With The OnePlus 8T

OnePlus Buds Z teaser 1

OnePlus will release a cheaper version of the OnePlus Buds soon, probably alongside the OnePlus 8T. This information actually comes from a well-know tipster, Max J.

He shared a new tweet recently, a tweet with a single image. In that image, you can see the ‘BudZ’ writing, and behind it what seems to be soundwaves. He did not release a caption alongside that.

Well, Max J. was kind enough to reach out and explain his tweet. This is supposed to represent the upcoming OnePlus Buds Z TWS earphones, which have been spotted by XDA Developers about a week ago.


The OnePlus Buds Z will be cheaper than the OnePlus Buds

The tipster says that the OnePlus Buds Z will essentially be a more affordable pair of the OnePlus Buds earphones. These earphones will almost certainly launch alongside the OnePlus 8T this or next month.

XDA Developers spotted the OnePlus Buds Z branding in OxygenOS 11 beta for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. We still do not know anything about the design of these earbuds, but chances are they’ll be identical to the OnePlus Buds in that regard.

There will be some differences between the two, of course. OnePlus has to cut some corners in order to bring down the price tag. Audio components on the inside may be different, and perhaps even the battery inside the case.


We’re only guessing here, of course, as no information leaked as of yet. This will become the second pair of TWS earphones that OnePlus will release, the OnePlus Buds were the very first.

The company did release Bluetooth earphones in the past, but until this year, it did not release a TWS pair of such earphones. We do hope that fast charging will be a part of the package with the OnePlus Buds Z.

The OnePlus 8T event will bring us several devices, it seems

The OnePlus 8T event will be packed, it seems. The company is not only expected to release the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus Buds Z, but the OnePlus Power Bank is also rumored, as is the company’s Snapdragon 460-powered smartphone.


Now, it’s possible that not all those devices will get announced during the same event, but it’ll be quite packed nonetheless. The Snapdragon 460-powered budget smartphone may arrive earlier or later, as the company may want to keep all the focus on the OnePlus 8T.

It is also worth noting that OnePlus is planning to release a Snapdragon 690-powered mid-range smartphone. We still don't know when will it launch, though. It may even launch the Snapdragon 460 and 690-powered smartphones at the same time, we’ll see.