OnePlus Forces OnePlus Buds App Installation, Annoying Users In The Process

AH OnePlus Buds app 1

If you own a OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus Buds app is now probably installed on it. OnePlus pushed forward the installation of this app to its users lately, though it may not have reached everyone just yet.

If your Google Play Store app is set on automatic installation, chances are it’s installed already. If not, it popped up in the updates section for you, or will do it soon.

In case you choose not to install it, it will sit in the updates section of the Google Play Store until you do, presuming you do not have automatic installs switched on. By doing this, OnePlus is basically forcing users to install the app.


Forcing OnePlus Buds app to its users may not have been the best idea, OnePlus

Many users are not happy about that, though. The rating of this app currently stands at 2.7 stars in the Play Store. The main reason? Well, the fact that OnePlus basically forced them to install the app.

This rating does not reflect the performance of the app itself, that’s for sure. Interestingly enough, if the app arrived with the update to OxygenOS 11, very few people would have complained, most probably.

The best solution, to be quite honest, would be to allow users to install it themselves once they get the earbuds. The vast majority of OnePlus users do not even have OnePlus Buds, so this anger is somewhat understandable.


OnePlus could have approached this differently, and would have avoided such backlash in the process. The deed is done now, and the company probably won’t release an official statement about this, but we’ll see.

Google did something similar earlier this year, and received the same reaction

To be quite honest, OnePlus is not the only company that has done this. Google did the same thing with the Pixel Buds app earlier this year. Users did respond the same way when that happened, by the way.

OnePlus does have one of the most vocal customer pools, so, such a reaction is not surprising. When it comes to this app, though, it’s quite useful, if you have OnePlus Buds. If you don’t, well, it won’t do you much good at all.


The app allows you to update and customize the company’s first pair of TWS earbuds, the OnePlus Buds. It’s similar to the app Google released earlier this year, and the Galaxy Wearable app from Samsung.

The rating of the app will probably improve with time, but such 1-star reviews that the app is being hit with at the moment have sure managed to hurt it.