OnePlus 8 Series & Nord Are Now 'Android Enterprise Recommended'

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The OnePlus 8 series smartphones, and the OnePlus Nord, have been certified as Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones. This was always going to happen, it was just a matter of time.

In fact, it was expected to happen sooner, but there you go. Some of you are probably wondering what does this mean. Well, only phones that meet Google’s strict requirements for enterprise usage get this certification.

It was announced that these phones “meet Google’s strict requirements for diverse enterprise needs, helping businesses to manage devices seamlessly and consistently at any scale.”


Getting this certification also means that the company is capable of providing timely security patches, and access to all major updates in line with Google’s software maintenance schedule.

This means that OnePlus must provide at least two years of regular Android updates to the device, plus an extra year of Android security patches for these devices.

It is also noted that IT departments can now offer zero-touch enrollment for faster and more seamless deployment for any corporate OnePlus devices.


The OnePlus 8 series & Nord join other OnePlus-branded phones as Android Enterprise Recommended devices

The OnePlus 8 series and OnePlus Nord are the company’s newest smartphones. These are not the first phones from the company to get this certification, not even close.

OnePlus’ phones get the Android Enterprise Recommended certification quite often, in fact. OnePlus is still regarded to be one of the best Android OEMs when it comes to updates.

It is always amongst the first to push out new, major Android releases, while it also offers frequent updates, and their phones usually have quite a long life cycle thanks to that.


The company’s upcoming phones will probably get this certification as well. As a reminder, OnePlus is expected to announce a couple of new phones before the end of this year.

The OnePlus 8T is right around the corner. The phone is expected to arrive by the end of September, or next month. Along with that flagship, the company is also expected to release a couple of more budget-friendly phones.

The Snapdragon 460-powered smartphone is rumored, as are two Snapdragon 600 series smartphones. We’re not sure if all of them will launch this year, but that is expected to happen.


The Snapdragon 460-powered handset will be the company’s entry-level device. It is expected to be extremely affordable, and it will be interesting to see what can OnePlus do with such hardware.