Now Share Screen In Google Duo & Blur Backgrounds In Google Meet


In a recent tweet, Google unveiled a new feature for its Google Duo app. Additionally, Google Meet gets also gets a new feature that lets the user blue backgrounds during a video call.

This will help curb the background distractions during a video call. This new Google Meet blue backgrounds feature will intelligently pop you from the background, and blue your surroundings.

You will be kept in clear focus and in focus. This would enable high-quality video calling without any distractions. However, note that this Google Meet blur background feature is not similar to the portrait mode in our smartphones.


This new feature works directly in the browser itself. Meaning that you do not need any extension or software to achieve background blur in Google Meet.

This new feature is supported by Google Meet on Windows, Mac on the Chrome browser. While this new feature will arrive for Chrome OS and Meet mobile apps in the coming days.

Besides, this feature combined with the ability to filter background noise would enable a distraction-free video calling experience.


And looking at the current pandemic where everyone is working from home, this is a nice add-on by Google.

Google Meet blur backgrounds feature will be off by default

Note that this new feature will be disabled by default. In order to enable this feature during the meeting, you need to click More and then click on Turn on background blur option.

However, if you want to blur the background before the meeting, then head over to and then select the meeting. Right at the bottom of self-view click on Turn on background blur option. Here click Join Now.


Google Duo screen sharing feature is making a comeback

Apart from the blur background feature for Google Meet, Google has also introduced the screen sharing feature for the Google Duo app.

This new Google Duo screen sharing feature will allow the users to hop onto a video call and side-by-side browse photos, videos, and more.

The update is available for all the Google Duo users. However, the other person on the video call will see the person's screen feed. Initiating screen sharing feature is currently limited to the Android app.


But iOS and web users will soon be able to use this feature in the coming months. Notably, the feature is not yet live for the masses. Moreover, it is not clear whether an updated version of the app is required or a server-side update will do.

google meet blur backgrounds
Google Meet Blur Backgrounds feature