Nokia 9.3 PureView Flagship Finally Coming In November

Nokia 9 MWC 2019 AM AH 8

According to a new report by the Nokia Power User (NPU), the Nokia 9.3 PureView flagship will finally launch in November. That is not the only Nokia device that HMD Global is planning to launch in November, though.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView expected to arrive in November with several other devices

The source also notes that the Nokia 7.3 5G, and Nokia 6.3 are also planned for November. All those devices will arrive during the same event, it seems. We still don’t know the exact date, though.

NPU reports that the final testing for these phones will take place by the end of this month, and / or in October. The production will begin as soon as that is over with. NPU does note that HMD Global’s plans may change, though.


The source also notes that HMD Global is planning Nokia launches in November / December. So, it seems like we’ll see quite a few Nokia-branded smartphones by the end of the year.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView is arguably the most interesting phone out of the bunch. Why? Well, that is the company’s upcoming flagship, and a way for HMD Global to make up for the Nokia 9 PureView.

The Nokia 9 PureView was, for the most part, overwhelming. It didn’t deliver what users expected in the camera department, while it had a number of other issues. Nokia did improve the device with updates, but it never reached its potential.


The Nokia 9.3 PureView is expected to be a considerable improvement over the Nokia 9 PureView

The Nokia 9.3 PureView is expected to succeed where the Nokia 9 PureView failed. Nokia fans have high hopes for its camera setup, as so do we. The expectations from the ‘PureView’ brand are not easy to justify.

Now, we don’t have much information about the device itself, but we can assume it will be made out of metal and glass. We’re also expecting really thin bezels to be included, and probably a display camera hole, but we’ll see.

The device is expected to ship with the Snapdragon 865 or Snapdragon 865 Plus. The phone is expected to include at least 8GB of RAM, and plenty of storage. A large battery is also expected, along with fast charging.


We’re not really sure what to expect in terms of the phone’s camera setup, though. The Nokia 9 PureView had five cameras on the back, and we’re expecting quite a few of them to be included on this handset as well.

The Nokia 7.3 5G, on the other hand, leaked the other day. That phone will also be made out of metal and glass, and include a display camera hole. If you’d like to take a closer look at it, click here.