Super Mario Turns 35, So Nintendo Made A New Handheld To Celebrate


Nintendo is celebrating the 35th birthday of the very first Super Mario Bros. game that was ever released and it's got a new handheld on the way for the occasion.

This will be a revival of the company's Game And Watch handheld. It will come with some notable improvements though. It will also be a limited production item. Which means it will probably be a hot ticket item for fans of Nintendo and retro video game consoles.

It also means that it could fall prey to scalpers. So this is something you probably want to keep a very close eye on if this is your thing. If you want one for the purpose of keeping it, don't miss a chance to grab one.


Nintendo has also upgraded the Game and Watch handheld with a full-color LCD display so you can play Super Mario Bros. the way it was intended. In all those glorious colorful pixels reminiscent of the NES.

The Nintendo Game and Watch handheld can play multiple Super Mario Bros. games

This won't be something you can play 50 games on. The new Nintendo Game and Watch will let you play more than just the original Super Mario Bros. though.

You can actually play three different games on it, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, and Game and Watch: Ball where Mario is the game's main character.


The device will last for about 8 hours on a single charge and Nintendo says it will take about 3.5 hours to charge it back up. In addition to playing games it can also be used as a digital clock. Just in case you don't already have a clock on display and you wanted one that is a little more representative of your love for the Nintendo brand.

You can buy one on November 13 for $50

Nintendo Game and Watch Super Mario Bros 2

If you've decided you have to have one of these, you have a little bit of a wait. Nintendo will put the new Game and Watch up for sale starting on November 13.


As mentioned above though it will be available in limited quantities. Nintendo hasn't said how limited, though. So your best bet as always with these things is to set yourself up to be ready to hit the buy button the moment you're able.

It'll cost you $50 to snag one. So all in all, a decent enough price for something that plays a few games, works as a clock, and offers a color display with a nice hefty helping of nostalgia.