NFL RedZone Is Appearing On YouTube TV For Some

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Some YouTube TV subscribers are seeing NFL RedZone appear in their channel listings. Which means that YouTube TV is about to add that – and a few other channels – to its lineup.

YouTube TV hasn't yet announced the news, but that should be coming at any moment now. It could even come later today.

This part of a new "Sports Plus" package for YouTube TV

A number of people on reddit have noticed a new "Sports Plus" package appearing on YouTube TV, and now we are seeing some of these channels on their site. So there is a new package coming, we just need to know how much it'll cost and when it'll be available.


Apparently, part of this package will include NFL Network, NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, GOLTV, MAVTV, Stadium, and TVG. Which are some channels that die-hard sports fans have been begging Google to add to YouTube TV for many years now.

What's interesting is that every network except NFL Network says "Included with Sports Plus", which hopefully means that everyone gets the NFL Network. Regardless of whether they subscribed to the new Sports Plus package or not.

And it looks like this is all coming just in time for Football season – which, surprisingly, has not yet been cancelled. Fingers crossed that doesn't change.

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This might be the start of YouTube TV offering a la carte channels, like Sling TV

Since YouTube TV raised its prices a few months ago, many have been asking Google to add packages for YouTube TV. While it's nice to have one package with all the channels available, for some people, they don't need those channels and don't want to pay $65 per month.

Sling TV does something similar. Where you can get your core channels in the Blue or Orange package for $30 per month – or both for $45 per month. And then you can add on packages for between $5 and $20. Giving you mostly only the channels you want.

With this new Sports Plus package that is coming, it looks like YouTube TV might be doing just that. And it's a long time coming.


Hopefully Google announces this sooner rather than later. As we do have more sports starting up in just a few weeks, with the NFL and College Football (some conferences have cancelled but not all). As that is going to make living in quarantine a bit easier this fall, for everyone that is missing sports right now.