Microsoft's Next-Gen All-Digital Xbox Will Cost $299

Xbox Series S

Earlier this morning Microsoft officially revealed the next-gen Xbox called the Xbox Series S, an all-digital version of the Series X.

It also revealed the price of the next-gen all-digital Xbox console. The Series S will be available to customers for a reasonable $299 price tag. This is around the same price of the Xbox One S. An all-digital version of the current-gen Xbox console.

It also makes the official price not all that surprising. Of course what many consumers still want to know is what the Xbox Series X will cost. Since this is Microsoft’s flagship Xbox going forward, and will be the more powerful model. Microsoft, like Sony, has yet to reveal the price of its main console. In fact Sony hasn’t released prices for either of its two PS5 versions.


The all-digital next-gen Xbox Series S doesn’t have a release date

Despite there being a price point set for the Xbox Series S, there is still no release date.

So you know how much you’ll have to spend to buy one, but you don’t when you can actually buy one. The rumors still maintain that Microsoft will launch its new consoles sometime in November.

This seems like a reasonable time to release both versions. Assuming that was Microsoft’s plan all along. After all Sony may plan to launch both its digital and disc versions at the same time. So Microsoft would be alienating a consumer group that wants a digital-only console if it didn’t do the same thing.


In its tweet this morning, Xbox states that it’s looking forward to sharing more information on what’s next for the future of Xbox. This might be referring to the price of the Series X as well as the launch date for it and the Series S. Though this is only speculation.

The Xbox Series X is rumored to cost $499

The rumored price of the Series X is nothing new. At least not completely new.

It’s been rumored for a little while to cost $499. Microsoft has not confirmed this yet, though. If the price is accurate however, it would be the same cost as the Xbox One X when it launched. Which originally retailed for $499.


So Microsoft would really just be keeping things the same here. Sony in turn may end up doing the same thing with the PS5. The PS4 Pro launched at $399. And was Sony’s flagship once it was it was released.

If Sony keeps things the same in regards to cost, then the PS5 could launch at $399. Which is what some are already speculating. Again though, this is just a guess by some and none of it has been confirmed by Sony.