New OnePlus Gallery Optimized For One-Handed Use Is Here: Download


OnePlus will release a new version of its Gallery app with OxygenOS 11, and that variant will be optimized for one-handed use. That very same Gallery app is already available in OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

What if you wanted to install it on your phone, though, and try it out? Well, now you can do that. The new OnePlus Weather app recently became available in beta, and now the same happened with the OnePlus Gallery.

New OnePlus Gallery app is optimized for one-handed use and available for OnePlus phones

You can head over to APK Mirror, and download OnePlus Gallery 4.0.47 beta in order to try out the new design. Do note that the app is available with OnePlus devices only.


You should be able to install it on any OnePlus smartphone running Android 10, though we’re not sure about those running Android 9 Pie. I’ve got it working on the OnePlus 8 without a problem.

I have also tried out to install it on a couple of other phones running Android 10, but even though it installed, I was not able to get it working. That’s understandable, as the app does support OnePlus phones only.

In any case, the app works really well on the OnePlus 8, even though it’s in beta. The issue with missing images is still present though, but that was the case for a long time for me. I do hope OnePlus will fix it soon.


The app content is separated into three different tabs now

The design of the app is even cleaner now, if you ask me, even though it could be even cleaner. The app is now separated into three different tabs, of sorts, and you move between them by swiping left and right.

The main tab contains all your ‘Photos’, from your camera. The ‘Collections’ tab has all the other images that are currently on your device. Images that are separated into different folders on the phone, like Downloads, Viber, Screenshots, and so on… depending on where your images are.

The last tab is ‘Explore’, and this is the ‘smart’ part of the gallery. You’ll see some memories here, along with images grouped by faces, places, and so on.


This app is now much more optimized for one-handed use. The same will happen with basically all OnePlus apps in OxygenOS 11, along with OnePlus skin as well.

It actually reminds me of Samsung’s One UI, in a way. That’s not a bad thing, as the main elements are moved further down, so that you can reach them with your thumb easily. Not everyone will like this change, though.

In any case, if you’d like to try out the new OnePlus Gallery, despite the fact it’s currently in beta, the download link is included down below.


Download new OnePlus Gallery (APK Mirror)