New Google Wear OS Update Brings Upgraded Performance & Battery Life

Wear OS By Google Logo

In an official blog, Google has confirmed the rollout of a new Wear OS update. Notably, it brings enhanced performance and improved battery life.

On the verge of making Wear OS the best smartwatch OS, Google has been pushing new features and updates. And this new update brings a new set of features for the OS to increase the functionality of Wear OS smartwatches.

Moreover, Google recently released the Android 11 OS for its Pixel devices. And now, the focus has shifted over to the Wear OS.

The update brings a ton of features, as mentioned in the official blog. But there is a claim by Google that via this update, Wear OS becomes almost 20% faster than before.


If that is true, then this update is something to look forward for the Wear OS smartwatch users. Note that poor performance and usability has always been the negative point of Wear OS in the past.

However, with this new update, Google aims to curb all the negative points. And improve overall performance. In fact, this new update also improves battery life, which is a welcome change.

Google Wear OS update introduces a simplified and speedier pairing process

As noted in the blog, this new Google Wear OS update focuses on improving the speed up the processing ability of the OS. Now after this update, it will be easier to manage different watch modes and workouts.

On top of this, the new update also brings a simplified pairing process. This will help users to pair up their watch with compatible devices more easily and reliably.


It also brings improved LTE support for smartwatches running on Wear OS. A new nifty feature, considering the current pandemic situation, is the hand washing timer.

This is added keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. A new weather tile design is also included in the update, as noted by XDA.

The update is currently live for Suunto 7 devices

Wear OS new update biggest take is on improving the battery live of the devices. Because face it, it is one of the key things which lets down the whole experience of wearing a smartwatch.

Thankfully, the update brings improvements in this front. It also does bring H-MR2 improvements as well. Notably, Google highlights that this new update is currently available only for the Suunto 7 devices.


Besides, the update for Suunto 7 devices also brings route navigation, a low power always-on sport display, a battery-saving GPS mode, and much more.

The update is expected to be available by more manufacturers. And will be rolled over to the smartwatches via OTA.