Google Photos Editor Turns Full Photo Suite With Latest Update

Google Photos Editor update from presser gifs

The Google Photos photo editor is getting some serious updates starting today, with even more features coming for Pixel devices. That’s based on an announcement made both by the company’s official blog and Twitter handle.

The biggest changes headed to Google Photos are going to apply to the editor everybody has access to. Not only has the UI been completely redesigned, as shown above. The photo editor will also now offer AI-driven suggestions well beyond the usual stuff seen on the Google Photos home page.

For starters, there’s a dedicated “Suggestions” tab in the new UI carousel along the bottom of the editor page.


That will suggest actions like applying a color pop or adjusting background blur in portrait shots. But users will still have granular control over saturation, warmth, tint, skin tone, blue tone, pop, vignette effects, white point, black point, highlights, color focus, background blur, brightness, contrast, and shadows too. That’s in addition to cropping, filters, and more.

All in a single, easy-to-use, scrollable UI that’s more akin to a desktop photo editor than the previous iteration.

Pixel devices are getting even more from the new Google Photos editor

Stepping even further into the new UI for the editor, Google is adding one more feature for Pixel owners too. That’s not necessarily surprising given that today’s event, hashtagged #LaunchNightIn, was all about the hardware. The company launched its new Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 as part of the event. So, of course, there are new features specifically for those devices.


In this case, that’s a new Portrait Light feature that emulates a similarly-branded camera feature found on the new Pixel handsets. As the feature’s name suggests, Portrait Light is meant to adjust the lighting of a portrait scene after the shot is captured. For the new Pixel devices, that will be usable during the shooting process too.

Summarily, Portrait Light lets users take control of an AI-generated light ball to adjust where the strongest light in a shot is coming from. The idea centers around the ability to create shots with balanced or controlled lighting. Even when there is heavy backlighting or other factors that would typically override that.

This is all rolling out starting today

Now, the update to Google Photos is shipping out starting today. That doesn’t mean everybody will see it all at once. As with all app rollouts, it will take time to land on every Android device. The Portrait Light feature is also expected to arrive on older Pixel devices at some point in the future via an update. But will be available on the new Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 out-of-the-box.