Time To Replace Your Google Nest Thermostat, FCC Listing Hints

Google Nest AH NS 01

A new Google Nest-branded thermostat is on the way, based on a recent 9to5Google report. The report, stemming from an FCC listing, highlights a few key features of the device.

The FCC lists the device clearly as a ‘thermostat’ with model number ‘G4CVZ’. There aren’t many details in the listing since it mostly pertains to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications for the device. But the news does indicate that a new device is incoming — the first since 2017’s best-in-class Thermostat E.

Are gesture controls on the way for your Google Nest smart home?

Among the more mysterious aspects of the new Google Nest thermostat is tied in with a secondary component. That’s a transmitter set in the 60Hz range. Or more specifically, the 61 – 61.5GHz range.


The transmitter’s purpose is not mentioned in the listing. But it does have a frequency that falls within that used for a similar transmitter found in the Pixel 4 series. That transmitter was associated with Google Soli.

Now, Soli was a radar-based technology that was used to enable hands-free interactions with Google Pixel 4. Summarily, touchless gesture controls. And that’s one possibility here too, although it’s not immediately clear how exactly that would work.

Conversely, it may be plausible that Google is including the transmitter as a means to interact with other Nest devices. At the more speculative end of things, it’s not out of the question the transmitter could be related to Google ATAP’s House Mouse. Although that seems somewhat unlikely, given the experimental nature of that device.


When will this new thermostat arrive officially?

More often than not, an FCC listing portends that a device will be announced in the near future. The exact timeframe can, of course, vary substantially. But Google’s annual Made by Google 2020 hardware event should be here sooner than later. The search giant typically holds its event in mid-October. For instance, last year’s event was on October 15.

Google is expected to launch no fewer than four new devices already this year.

That includes a new Pixel 5 mid-ranger and a Pixel 4a 5G variant. It also includes plenty of smart home gadgets. For instance, a new Chromecast-like Android TV dongle, codenamed “Sabrina,” and a spiritual successor to the original Google Home smart speaker. So it wouldn’t be too far out there to expect some other smart home products from Google too.