Leak Shows Two Color Options For Stylish Nest Audio Smart Speaker

00 Nest Audio Speaker leaked from WinFuture

The long-expected update to the original Google Home smart speaker, tentatively dubbed the Nest Audio, is going to be a very different device based on the latest leak from WinFuture.

One of the biggest differentiators for Nest Audio, as seen in the images below, is going to be on the design front. Google has apparently abandoned the cylindrical shape of its first AI speaker. In its place, the company has utilized a design that somehow manages to be both rectangular and pill-shaped. The design isn't wide but is comparatively tall, with a thin profile when viewed from the side.

The bottom of the gadget is presumably flat or potentially concave to accommodate its upright stance.


Two colors and a very different design for Nest Audio smart speaker

It's also a decidedly minimal design, available in two colors at least, based on the new images. Those are Charcoal and Chalk, with both being different shades of grey. The color applies to the fabric covering over nearly the entire smart speaker as well as to the logo and mute switch found on the back.

The only noteworthy feature, viewed from the front, is Google's standard array of LED lights.

As is typical for the search giant's speakers, those are arranged horizontally. And they'll probably be white LEDs that display while the speaker is 'listening'. Or while it's being set up. Although Google could easily use multi-color LEDs to show different colors, such as its logo colors, while the speaker is performing certain actions.

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The power cable on both devices sits at the bottom-right-hand side when viewed from behind.

This isn't the first time this speaker has leaked

Now, as suggested by the branding above — Nest Audio — this isn't the first time this particular smart speaker has been the subject of a leak. In fact, earlier reports suggested the Nest Audio smart speaker could launch in Europe by the end of August. That rumor came with an expected price as well, set at roughly $118.

That hasn't happened but there's almost certainly a good reason for that as well.


The search giant's annual Made by Google event is expected to take place on September 30 this year. For clarity, that's Google's yearly hardware-focused event. The company is predicted to launch a wealth of new products at that event for 2020, including a new 5G-ready Google Pixel 5 handset and similarly-enabled Pixel 4a 5G.

A new Android TV dongle is expected too so new smart speakers aren't out of the question either.