MWC 2021 Moved To Late June, As A Precaution

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GSMA has decided to reschedule next year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress). MWC 2021 has been moved to June. Those of you who are unaware, it’s usually taking place in February, or starts in late February and ends in early March.

GSMA moved MWC 2021 to late June due to COVID-19

Well, GSMA has decided to push it back to late June, June 28, to be exact. It will start on June 28, and end on July 1, reports GSMA. The company said this will allow it to contend with external circumstances related to COVID-19.

The company says it is committed to enabling a secure tradeshow, and offer the “unique, unmissable experience” that has made MWC so popular over the years.


GSMA has also promised that MWC 2021 will also have “virtual elements”. Such elements should complement the “overwhelming demand to convene physically”.

GSMA’s Director General, Mats Granryd, said that the company wants to make sure the safety of its exhibitors, attendees, staff, and the people of Barcelona as well.

So, COVID-19 is the main reason for this, of course. As most of you know, MWC 2020 got canceled altogether. GSMA is trying to avoid that from happening next year.


GSMA is trying to play it safe

COVID-19 is still a major problem, for the whole world, really. As we come closer to winter, it is expected to become an even bigger problem. Countries around the world are expected to get the vaccine in the near future, though.

Depending on what projections you choose to believe, vaccinations will commence either at the end of this year, or in early 2021. GSMA is probably counting on that.

Either way, COVID-19 is expected to wear down, at least to a degree, by the summer of 2021. GSMA has decided to play it safe, to a degree, and avoid potential cancelation in Q1 2021.


This automatically means that the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 won’t have anything to do with MWC 2021. Those devices are expected to arrive in February or March, when the company’s S series phones usually arrive.

Samsung usually announces its phones within a week before MWC, or during it, but that won’t be the case any longer, Many other OEMs will have to either reschedule their phone launches, or not be a part of MWC.

It will be interesting to see how will this turn up, but it’s not an ideal situation, that’s for sure. By the way, GSMA has also announced that MWC Shanghai 2021 has also been postponed, it will take place from February 23-25.