Mozilla Pushes Firefox 81 For Android, Adds a Downloads page & More

mozilla firefox 81 update

Well, it turns out that Mozilla is pushing a new Firefox 81 update for the users. What’s better is the new update is bringing back features from the older codebase.

According to a new report by Android Police, the new update is now rolling out for the users via the Play Store. Moreover, the update brings changes like the Downloads page, auto-tab closing, and much more.

Note that earlier we have reported that Mozilla pushed Firefox 79 update for the users. Due to the fact that this version of the app missed out on several key features, users were pretty baffled.


Now the new Firefox 81 adds some new features as well as brings back some of the old ones as well. This might be a way to please the baffled audience.

The in-browser Downloads page gives you a peek into the currently downloaded files and all the files that have been downloaded before. This also negates the need to always keep the File Manager open in the background.

Besides, you can access the file directly from the Downloads Tab. In fact, this new Mozilla Firefox 81 update also brings back support for third-party download manager apps.


Mozilla Firefox 81 also brings automatically close tabs option

Notably, a new “Open in app” option is also added for sites that have a native Android app installed. Moreover, the tabs also have the option to automatically close after a certain period of time.

Another nifty touch given by Mozilla in this new Firefox 81 update is whenever you open a new tab, the search/address bar will open.

The company is also using Google in-app review API that will be used to ask users to give Firefox update ratings in the Google Play Store.


However, the update does not bring support for all extensions, which is a bummer. This was one of the reasons why the Mozilla Firefox 79 update received severe backlash from the users.

In fact, the company said that the support to install all extensions would arrive with Firefox Nightly sometime this month. But as of now, it is nowhere to be seen.

Moreover, the public tracking page also does not show any progress in that front. You can check out the tracking page here.


The update is rolling out for the users via the Play Store. If you have not yet received the update then, you should go to the Play Store. And check if there is a new update available for you or not.

Likewise, you can tap the button below to grab the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 81 from the Google Play Store.

Mozilla Firefox (Play Store)