Mozilla Says It's Time To Say Goodbye To Firefox Notes & Send

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Mozilla will officially shutter its Firefox Notes and Firefox Send services before the end of 2020, reports indicate.

For clarity, Notes by Firefox is the browser-associated notepad application. It's available on multiple platforms and provides note syncing with end-to-end encryption. That, of course, uses a Firefox account.

Conversely, Firefox Send was a similarly end-to-end encrypted file sharing service that effectively came offline back in July.


Why is Mozilla discontinuing Firefox Notes and Send?

The short answer to why Mozilla wants to end Firefox Notes and Send is that it wants to put its focus elsewhere. The company has been putting a massive amount of effort into the Firefox browser itself over the past several updates. And that includes one update from version 68 to 79.

The implications of that update alone, leaping 11 version numbers are broad. The company effectively rewrote the browser from the ground up.

Simultaneously, Mozilla dropped a number of features and utilities. Not least of all, it dropped nearly the entire breadth of extensions that had been available. Less than ten were available at launch, in fact.


Now, as Mozilla puts it, the company needs to weigh the overall cost of its portfolio. And that includes changing strategies to solidify its footing in the industry and press forward.

In conjunction with that, there are new features and tools it wants to put its focus on, including a VPN service announced and expanded in mid-2020. Specifically, that's a $4.99 per month subscription service. It provides users with up to five simultaneous connections and access to over 280 servers in 30+ countries around the world. Of course, since this is a Mozilla product, that's with no bandwidth restrictions

Here's what you need to do if you use these services

Now, Firefox Send will be closed out at some point in early November. Mozilla hasn't provided an exact date. But, at least for Firefox Send, users won't need to do much of anything about it. That service has already been offline.


For Firefox Notes, Mozilla indicates that both syncing and support are going to end around that same timeframe too. Those who already have the extension installed will have ample opportunity to export all of their saved notes. But it won't be possible to re-install the utility after November for those who haven't installed it recently. So users who have used Firefox Notes will want to export their notes over to an alternative service — such as Google Keep — in the interim.