Teardown Video Shows Microsoft Surface Duo Is Robust & Durable

microsoft surface duo teardown

The latest entrant in the world of foldable smartphones or phablets is the Microsoft Surface Duo. Interestingly, the Surface Duo is quite a robust and durable device as seen in a teardown video.

Famous YouTuber Jack Nelson tore down the latest $1,400 Microsoft Surface Duo in his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Notably, the video shows, what most of the viewers wanted to see, the durability of the device.

Moreover, in the Surface Duo teardown video, the device was scratched with a knife, bent the way it should not be bent, burnt with a lighter, and all the usual stuff that Jack performs during a teardown video on his channel.


Well, although the device seems pretty thin and fragile. And the fact that it is, the video also showed some positive points about the Surface Duo.

In his videos, Jack opens up the devices to see how the new technology has been achieved. And it goes without saying that you should not do those stunts on your phone.

The hinge mechanism on the Surface Duo seems durable

The device's display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Meaning that scratches appear at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7. This is quite common with all the recent smartphones.


Besides, the Surface Pen also went under the grilling session. And as said by Jack in his video, "this guy is a tank." Notably, the Surface Pen was not that easy to break into half as compared to its counterparts from Apple and Samsung. So thumbs up for that.

The funniest part is the bumper case included with the packaging. Microsoft did not even put any effort into providing any sort of protection with the case.

It is a simple bumper case with glue to stick onto the device. Which itself shows how durable and long-lasting it will be on the Microsoft Surface Duo.


The buttons and the entire frame of the device are made from plastic

The Surface Duo teardown video shows that the buttons and the entire frame are made from plastic and easily scratchable. However, the best part of the phone is the hinge mechanism.

It is quite nice to see that even being a first-gen device, the hinge mechanism is super solid. Besides, thanks to the hinge mechanism, the Surface Duo is almost impossible to bend in half.

Note that the device does bends, but does not break into half. Moreover, as said by Jack in his video, the metal is enough to keep the phone rock solid. And it passed the durability test.


So, overall, what we can deduce from the teardown video is, though there are a lot of misses done by Microsoft on Surface Duo, the hinge mechanism is a hit. Overall, it is a durable and robust device.