Avengers Assemble On Stadia With The Launch Of Marvel's Avengers

Marvels Avengers Stadia

The launch of Marvel's Avengers is here on Stadia and if you didn't get a chance to check out one of the open betas on PC or console, then now is your chance to jump in and start tearing things up as some of your favorite super heroes.

Marvel's Avengers isn't the only new game to launch on Stadia today though. Hitman 2 has also launched today and is available to purchase for just $30.

That price won't last forever though. $30 is actually the promotional price for the game for Pro members. And the deal only lasts until September 8 at 11:59 PM. After that the bundle bumps back up to $60.


So here's the thing if you're interested in grabbing this game. If you haven't spent your $10 off that Google gave to subscribers, use it now. That brings Hitman 2 in its standard bundle down to just $20. Which is a steal.

Marvel's Avengers on Stadia is only available in one launch bundle right now

Technically Marvel's Avengers isn't releasing until September 4. Which is this Friday.

It is however playable right now because it's in its early access period for those that pre-ordered the game. Since Stadia doesn't have pre-orders, Google and Square Enix simply released the game in a Deluxe Edition bundle that allows early access play.


So if you want to play Marvel's Avengers today, then you'll need to spring for the Deluxe Edition. It's priced at $80, where the standard edition will be $60. So you spend more but you get to play a few days early.

You also get some cool in-game loot and digital items, like new costumes for characters, nameplates and more. If you'll be spending a lot of time in this game, the Deluxe Edition is worth it.

Gunsport is also now available and NBA 2K21 lands on September 4

If you head over to the Stadia store you'll also now see that Gunsport is available. It's also one of the Pro games for September, which means if you subscribe to Pro you can claim it for free.


Hello Neighbor is available for free for Pro members this month too. And to top it all off, NBA 2K21 is launching on September 4. Alongside the Standard Edition of Marvel's Avengers.

It's a good week for Stadia. And a good time to jump back into a Pro membership if you've let it lapse. Because there's lots of good stuff on offer this week and beyond.