You Can Get Your Lutron Lights On Sooner, At The Ring Of A Bell

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Smart home fans who use Lutron smart lights systems and Ring doorbells or cameras will soon be able to join the two for even smoother operation. The integration, according to a recent Engadget report, will be made available across three Lutron systems in total. Those are the Lutron  Caseta, Caseta Pro, and RA2 Select systems. And it will work with all Ring doorbells and cameras, too.

What does this Ring and Lutron integration do, and how does this work?

As might be expected, the integration is going to fundamentally change the ways these two best-in-class systems can work together. Most obviously, it will allow users to change up how Lutron's smart home lighting systems turn on. Or, put more succinctly, it will change when those turn on automatically.

With the integration in place, users can sync together the motion detection found in Ring video doorbells and cameras with Lutron lights. That way, for instance, a set of porch lights can be set to turn on when a visitor approaches the front door. When they ring the bell, following on from that example, the system can be set to turn on the indoor lights near the door.


Conversely, a user might set the system up to turn on the backyard lighting too, when motion is detected there. Or individually sync up lights to cameras around a perimeter to provide a clearer picture of the area. But this smart home integration isn't anywhere near perfect yet. As is often the case with these types of team-ups at the initial introduction.

To begin with, the lights won't be settable in terms of brightness. So it won't be possible to set up gradually brightening programs based on motion or the doorbells. They'll simply kick on at full brightness for a total of 15 minutes. That timeframe won't be adjustable at the start either. Although it should be expected at a later date.

When will the integration arrive?

As to when the update will arrive, that's going to be sooner than later. The integration will also be waiting on an update to the Lutron application. So it may take some time to land for everybody. In either case, that's set to start rolling out on September 30. And, at the very least, means buyers have another option on top of Ring's own offerings.

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