LG Wing Price Revealed, To Go On Sale Starting October In Korea

lg wing price

It is been a while since every tech enthusiast is excited about a product, i.e. LG Wing. And now, the price and release date of the LG Wing is finally disclosed by the company itself.

Earlier this month, via an online video event, LG unveiled the first smartphone under its “Explorer Project”, the LG Wing. It made all heads turned with its swivel motion, that forms a letter ‘T’.

Interestingly, LG Wing’s swivel design is not just a gimmick. It holds tons of exciting features adapted for the new and awkward swing motion of the display.


For starters, you can easily watch a YouTube video on the horizontal screen and have the controls of the video on the bottom screen.

Then, it can be used to use two apps at the same time. For instance, you can watch a video and read an article related to it at the bottom display.

Well, this is just one of the many things that you can do with the possibilities that LG Wing gives. Besides, the LG Wing also comes with a gimbal mode.


It lets you control its triple camera setup, with controls snapped from the gimbal. This is one feature that is quite interesting and is most apt for the design of the LG Wing.

LG Wing to go on sale first in South Korea, followed by North America and Europe

As per the official information, the LG Wing will go for sale in South Korea first. Later this will be followed by key markets like North America and Europe.

Moreover, the price of the device is also now revealed. It is priced at 1,098,900 won, which is $943 in the US. It might sound a bit costly considering it packs a Snapdragon 765G and not the SD 865 chipset.


Additonally, as a part of the launch offer in October, LG will offer a 70% discount on the replacement cost of the screen of the main and second screen. However, the damage is to be done within two years.

LG’s official source reads this LG wing price tag as the lowest price among the other deformable smartphones launched this year in the domestic market.

But if we factor in that the other ‘deformable’ phones that came in the market, i.e. the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip, both are Snapdragon 865 flagships. So, no comparisons there.


Whatever the case maybe, the phone looks promising and it might be just what LG needed to bring back to the competitive world of smartphones.

For a more comprehensive and detailed review of the device, you can head over here and read our hands-on review of the LG Wing, “The Swivel Phone.”