Learn More About The LG Wing By Watching Official Videos

LG Wing promo video screenshot

The LG Wing is the company’s brand new smartphone, and the company did release some official videos for it. This is the company’s odd-looking, swiveling smartphone, which got announced yesterday.

Following that announcement, the company released several official videos that you can check out. All of these have been released on the ‘LG Mobile’ YouTube channel, by the way.

LG has posted four official LG Wing promo videos on YouTube

There are four official LG Wing videos there, including the full announcement of the device. The announcement video has a duration of about 33 minutes, and it is embedded below this paragraph. Just in case you missed it, and want to watch it from scratch.


If you don’t have time for it, or just want to watch a shorter video to better inform you about the device, three remain. The first one is really short at just over a minute. This is the official reveal video for the phone, pretty much.

That video is embedded below this paragraph, and in it, you’ll see the LG Wing in action. It shows the device in action. You’ll see several different use cases for its swiveling display. From typing comments while watching a video, to playing a game while having a map on a separate display.

The third video features Lewis from Unbox Therapy. LG basically hired Lewis to unbox the LG Wing, though not as he would every other phone. He does pull it out of the box, but doesn’t really spend too much time actually using it.


The device’s retail box swivels as well

The video is embedded below, and it has a duration of about 5 minutes. You’ll notice a rather interesting packaging here, as it swivels, just like the LG Wing does. LG really went the extra mile for this.

In this video, Lewis basically narrates one of LG’s promo videos in which various features and functions of the LG Wing are. You’ll see the device in action on the screen the whole time. So this is a perfect video to learn more about the functions of the LG Wing.

The last video has a duration of three minutes, and it is basically a long ad for the phone. It will tell you more about the swiveling action of the phone, and answer some questions you may have. It talks about the device’s design for the most part. Check out that video below.