The Wing Is Here & LG Has Something To Say About Its Durability

lg wing 5g
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One of the biggest questions likely to be raised about the newly launched LG Wing comes down to the durability of such a novel device. That’s because, as its name implies, this isn’t a straightforward candy bar-shaped phone. Instead, it’s a two-display device with one of those full-sized panels slotted onto a swivel. When swung up, that swivel opens up a new experience for end-users.

One display sites horizontally while the other sits vertically. So users can use the lower screen similar to a mouse or access both screens within the same app. Or they can access an app that’s better horizontally — such as a video app — and a vertical app — such as a messaging app — at the same time.

In effect, the phone can take on whatever orientation depending on users’ needs, without removing the potential for deeper multitasking. But also that there’s a new potential weak point being introduced. The LG Wing will also introduce LG users to another, more long-standing potential weak point. Namely, it comes with a pop-up camera as well.


So just how is durability with the LG Wing?

The final verdict on durability will likely remain a mystery until device testers can run the LG Wing through its paces. But, based on LG’s own internal testing, it should pass with flying colors.

According to LG, the LG Wing can withstand up to 200,000 hinge rotations. That’s equal to around 100 rotations on a daily basis over the course of five years.

And LG Wing can also handle as many as 60,000 camera pops.


…But how durable is that really?

That should equate to a long life in terms of durability for the LG Wing. But that’s going to largely depend on how often each of those features is used. If a user is opening and rotating the screen on the LG Wing every time they lift their phone, the overall life is likely to be much less. Especially since many users check their phone a lot more than 100 times per day.

Just in case something does go wrong though, LG is also extending an “LG Second Year promise” with this handset. Namely, buyers can enjoy the same coverage they get from the first year manufacturer’s warranty. And that’ll carry over that the second year too.