LG Wing U.S. Warranty Covers An Extra Year – For Free

LG Wing Hands On AM AH 2 11

Every LG Wing 5G sold in the U.S. will come with an extended, two-year warranty at no extra cost. The Korean company confirmed the move over the weekend. In doing so, LG is continuing its long-running Second Year Promise program. Or better said: it will continue it once the LG Wing 5G is released stateside.

Meaning U.S. models will ship with a limited warranty coverage that starts after the original manufacturer’s warranty is up. The only catch is that you’ll need to register your LG Wing 5G. Within 90 days of your purchase, to be more specific.

Fortunately, the online registration process takes just a few minutes. Following the sign-up, the second-year coverage will automatically kick in after 12 months. And if you end up needing it, you’ll simply have to file a claim directly with LG before getting your replacement device.


That replacement can theoretically be refurbished, but you might also end up with a brand-new device. Either way, this extra peace of mind won’t cost you extra, like it would with most other smartphones. Of course, the extended warranty exists to insure you against production defects. It won’t help you if you accidentally smash your dual-screen handset. Then again, nothing (that doesn’t cost extra) would.

LG Wing gives American consumers a taste of EU warranty protections

As for replacements covered under the Second Year Promise extenstion, there are no premiums, deductibles, or even shipping charges to fear. If you’re eligible for a replacement, you’ll get it – at the manufacturer’s expense.

LG has a long track record of extending its smartphone warranties in the United States. At least in the flagship price range. In fact, the Second Year Promise program is pretty much a unique selling point of its stateside flagships.


This practice officially started with the V30 line three and a half years ago. Of course, if you’re looking to buy the LG Wing 5G in the EU, you’re already guaranteed a 24-year warranty by law. We’re still waiting for the invisible hand of the market to become more consumer-friendly in the U.S, however.

Meanwhile, the Wing 5G is poised to be one of the more curious smartphones that will hit the store shelves this fall. Speaking of which, expect this dual-screen gadget to become available for purchase by early November. We’re still waiting for its official U.S. pricing details, but if the Korean market is any indication, LG is planning to ask a pretty penny for the Wing 5G.