LG's Dual Screen Contraption Survives Durability Tests

LG Velvet durability tests

A new durability test video has popped up on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel. This time around, Zack managed to get his hands on LG’s dual screen contraption, which managed to survive durability tests.

LG’s dual screen contraption did manage to survive durability tests

We’re talking about the LG Velvet here, of course, and its second screen case. Zack durability-tested the LG Velvet first, and then spent some time with its secondary display.

The LG Velvet is made out of metal and glass. When it comes to the scratch test, the results are exactly what you’d expect. The phone’s display starts scratching with a level six pick, while deeper grooves are visible with a level seven pick.


That’s what you’d expect out of a phone whose display is protected by modern Gorilla Glass. We’re not sure what iteration is it, but it does a good job here, that’s for sure.

Gorilla Glass protects the back side of the phone as well. The camera lenses are also well-protected, and are not prone to scratching. The phone’s frame is made out of metal, which is something Zack proved in the video.

The phone’s display managed to last 25 seconds under the direct flame before pixels shut down. It did recover a little bit afterwards, but not all the way.

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The fingerprint scanner didn’t do such a good job, but that’s because of Zack’s fingers. They’re quite rough around the edges, and it’s very hard for a phone to scan a fingerprint scanner in such situations.

The phone did not snap in half, but…

When it comes to the bend test, the phone did not snap. The display did pop out a little bit, as the phone did flex. However, when you stop bending it, it reverts back to its original state.

Following the LG Velvet durability tests, he did scratch up the case a little bit. That case is made out of plastic, so… it is what it is. He also did a quick disassembly of the two displays.


All in all, the LG Velvet did not exactly pass these tests with flying colors, but it did pass them. It did not snap, or anything of the sort. It did bend a bit too much, but that’s because it’s extremely thin.

The case that can be bought, which contains the second display, may be useful to some people. Having two displays on your at all times can come in handy, that’s for sure. The LG Velvet is also considerably more affordable than the Microsoft Surface, and foldable devices. So, it could be a neat alternative.