Upcoming LG Rollable Smartphone Envisioned By Concept Designer

LG rollable smartphone concept 1

A concept designer has envisioned a rollable smartphone that LG is planning to launch. As some of you know by now, LG is planning to release a rollable smartphone in H1 2021.

The company teased this smartphone during the LG Wing announcement, a couple of days ago. Before that happened, a well-known display analyst said that the phone will launch in H1 2021.

This concept shows a rollable smartphone from LG, following a teaser the company released

That being said, this concept design comes from Ben Geskin. He shared it via Twitter, as a reaction to LG’s teaser. He posted a single image, which shows the device in both rolled out, and regular state.


When the display is not rolled out, the phone looks like a regular smartphone, When it is, you get a tablet, essentially. Now, the real-life rollable smartphone from LG probably won’t have a display that extends to double its size. That’s just a guess, though.

This concept design shows a phone that contains a display camera hole. That hole is pill-shaped, and it hosts two selfie cameras. The phone does include a curved display, and it extends to the right.

The bezels on this concept device are quite thin. The real-life handset will probably have thin bezels as well. We’re also expecting to see a large display on this phone, even when it’s not rolled out.


You’ll notice that all the phone’s physical buttons are placed on the right. The volume up and down buttons sit above the power / lock key. They do seem angled towards the back, as the phone’s display is curved quite a bit.

A real product may look considerably different

The real-life smartphone may look considerably different than this, by the way. This is not a leak or anything of the sort. The designer just got inspired, probably be some design patents and whatnot.

The LG Wing basically ushered in a new form factor for smartphones. It comes with two displays, but you can swivel the first one, to reveal the second one. That way you can watch a YouTube video on the first one, in a landscape mode, while typing comments on the vertical one.


This phone does open possibilities for some interesting use cases, and some people seem to be interested. Others are very negative towards it. It remains to be seen how many units will LG be able to sell.

This rollable smartphone that LG is expected to announce will become the world’s first rollable smartphone. We doubt someone will release such a device before LG, but we’ll see.