Integrate Assistant On Chromebooks More Completely With These Flags

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A new set of flags, spotted by Computerworld, now lets users integrate and access individual settings on Chromebooks with Google Assistant. For instance, users can open up Google Assistant via the launcher to search out settings for their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the flags enabled, there’s no need to first open up Settings and then navigate to the appropriate setting.

The feature works across all of the available OS-level settings too. So it doesn’t matter if the user wants to look up those listed above or are looking to make a deeper system adjustment, such as adjusting smartphone connections. This works exactly like utilizing the Google Assistant to search up an app or a frequently-visited website. Conversely, those work just like performing smart home interactions on a Chromebook.

All that’s required, once the feature is turned on, is a quick tap of the search key on the keyboard. Then, users simply need to start typing a term related to the individual setting that they’re looking for.


Here’s how to integrate Assistant better on Chromebooks right now

Chromebooks Chrome OS Search Settings Integration Google Assistant
Getting access to deeper integration between Chromebooks and Google Assistant is as easy as turning on two settings flags

Now, the fact that there are flags associated with this feature doesn’t automatically mean it will arrive soon. It may not arrive at all if Google decides to stop pursuing it. But it is available right now. And users don’t need to switch over to a buggy developer or test version of Chrome OS to make it work.

Through some experimentation, I was able to get Google Assistant to integrate more cleanly with Chromebooks’ settings via the feature using just two flags. So, to get started, users just need to:

  1. Navigate to the “chrome://flags” URL
  2. Using the search bar at the top of the resulting page, search for “Assistant & Launcher integration”
  3. Click the drop-down menu on the appropriate setting and select “Enabled”
  4. Chrome OS will reboot but should keep all open files and pages as they were prior to the reboot


  1. Return to the search bar and search for “Launcher settings search”
  2. Enable the feature, again using the drop-down menu to the right of the flag setting
  3. Chrome OS will reboot once more

If the feature doesn’t work immediately, it may be a good idea to reboot the device manually after saving any work that may be open.