You Will Soon Be Able To Add Links To Instagram Posts, But At A Cost


In news that should please almost everyone, Instagram will allow you to add links to posts. However, as reported by Protocol, this will come at a cost (literally). Instagram wants you to pay to add a link to one of your posts as shown in a patent application!

This is not the only thing Instagram has been developing in recent weeks. The app has toyed with new layouts and dedicated shopping reels for its design. The company has also developed a new design in order to try and keep you scrolling for longer.

This has led many to claim that this move is yet another way for the app to make money out of users. However, expect some to still stump up the fee for the new feature.


Instagram to let you pay for links on you posts

Right now you can only add links to posts if you are verified or have over 10,000 followers. Although this only allows you to add links to you stories, not in your photo captions.

Most people manage to find workarounds for this problem. Either by using URL shorteners or simply by putting 'link in bio' on the post.

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However, that is all set to change as Amazon has toyed with the idea of letting mere mortals add links on their photo captions. The important point is that you will have to pay for the privilege.

In the patent application, it looks like tat privilege will come at the cost of $2.00 a go. This, therefore, would become very costly when it adds up across multiple links.

However, the likelihood is many, including Facebook investors, will probably be quite keen on this idea. No doubt enough people will pay the money to get links in their captions to make it worthwhile for Instagram.


Paying for links better than nothing?

As reported by Phone Arena, some argue that the current look of Instagram captions is optimal. This is because a lack of links mean they are not cluttered and look a lot cleaner.

However, giving users the option to pay maybe a happy medium. Given it would discourage using links in the caption somewhat thus preserving that cleaner look but also give those that want to the option to use one.

If it was free we would see constant links in almost all photo captions. However, in this scenario, it may curb the trend slightly.


Despite this, there is always room for criticism of Instagram for trying to make even more money when they do not really need to. If this feature comes to fruition, essentially, it will be a test to see how many people are willing to pay for something so simple.