IKEA Might Make Your Next Gaming Chair In Partnership With ASUS

IKEA ASUS ROG Gaming Furniture

Swedish furniture brand IKEA has announced a partnership with ASUS and its Republic of Gamers brand that may lead to your next gaming chair.

This morning the two companies confirmed that a deal will see the two working on designing and releasing various pieces of gaming furniture. IKEA is popularly known for its wide range of DIY furniture that is fairly affordable.

Making it a go-to option for college kids and anyone looking to furnish their entire home or apartment for less money than furniture that’s already built. IKEA’s range of products covers essentially room in the home. Including everything from bedding to office equipment.


One market it’s never tapped into though is gaming. The timing also seems a little coincidental. As premium office brand Herman Miller (known for its expensive office chairs) partnered with Logitech earlier this year to make a $1,500 gaming chair.

IKEA deal with ASUS ROG will include around 30 pieces of gaming furniture

IKEA’s announcement doesn’t mention any specific pieces of furniture. But it does confirm that it will release about 30 different products in the new line.

Then again IKEA doesn’t really need to mention what sorts of pieces it’ll be making as part of this range. There are a handful of obvious pieces of furniture that are likely to be a part of it.


Consumers can probably expect there be at least one gaming chair. Currently IKEA offers about 22 or so different office chairs. Some of which are just variants of a specific model. And with that amount variety, there’s bound to be at least one gaming chair in the mix.

IKEA even has a category on its website for gaming chairs. Though all four selections in the list are just its normal office chairs that IKEA feels are best suited to gaming. At least out of what it already offers.

The point is that with a gaming chair category already on the website, an IKEA and ASUS ROG chair is bound to happen. There will also likely be a gaming desk. Perhaps multiple models.


It’ll be a while before IKEA begins selling these products

If you love IKEA and were hoping to rush out to get some of this stuff, you have a wait ahead of you. A long one.

According to IKEA’s announcement, it won’t be launching anything from this new line until 2021. On top of that the range is launching in China first. And not until sometime in February.

It’ll be October of next year before IKEA even rolls anything from this range out to its other markets. So consumers in the US probably won’t see anything at their local IKEA store until next Fall.