The Best Look You'll Get At Huawei's Watch GT 2 Pro Before Launch


Huawei's Watch GT 2 Pro should be getting an official announcement soon, but until then these leaked images (via WinFuture) are likely the best images anyone will see of the watch until that announcement.

High-res images are about all that's left of the smartwatch that hasn't been leaked in recent days. Earlier this week there was a leaked image of the watch that showed a little bit of its design, but more importantly it had information about battery life.

According to that leak, Huawei is claiming the Watch GT 2 Pro will have a really long-lasting battery. Longer than most smartwatches typically get on a single charge.


The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro comes in "several" colors

Based on the leak by WinFuture, the watch will have several color options available to consumers.

The images show there's going to be a black model, and what looks like a brown model. Note these are the colors of the straps, and not the watch case. The watch case will reportedly be stainless steel and will also have several color options, however none of those are shown in the images.

It also looks like the straps will be interchangeable. It would be more of a shock if they weren't, since most smartwatches do allow you to swap the straps out these days. And it's a feature that's been present on smartwatches for a while.


So, it would be kind of strange if Huawei didn't add this capability in. All that aside, there's also a chance that Huawei could offer more than just two color options for the straps. It may not be possible to see these however until the company officially unveils the Watch GT 2 Pro.

The first watch in this series with wireless charging, all for €280

This is going to be the first watch in this series that comes with wireless charging capabilities. Something which still isn't prominent among smartwatches, though Huawei won't be the only one to offer such a feature when this watch is released.

Huawei is rumored to charge €280 for the device in Europe. No US pricing has been released of course because the ban is still in place on Huawei's products. So getting one of these officially through Huawei isn't going to be possible.


That being said it's not impossible for these to pop up on third party retailers like Amazon or eBay. Though there's no telling what the prices would be at that point.