HMD Global Connect Pro Is A World SIM Solution For Enterprise

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HMD Global is branching out its HMD Connect service with a new Pro variant for IoT and Enterprise. That's based on a recent announcement made by the company in conjunction with its launch of new Nokia smartphones.

Dubbed HMD Connect Pro, HMD Global says the service is intended to build on its existing Connect solution. This time around, though, the company is focused on providing a global SIM solution for businesses in need of extended roaming.

The service comes complete with a centralized management console for the entire HMD Connect Pro SIM card fleet. That includes many of Nokia's 20 available Android Enterprise-certified phone models. That includes the newly launched Nokia 3.4. And it also includes the now-US-ready Nokia 8.3 5G. With the promise of secure connectivity and transparency from coverage to fraud prevention.


What is HMD Global Connect Pro?

As indicated above, HMD Global's Connect Pro is a centralized SIM management tool for global Enterprise entities and IoT. In effect, it acts as a unified system for managing Enterprise-connected smartphones.

As such, it gives IT professionals in charge of those devices SIM-level control over those. So IT departments can activate or suspend service on devices as well as managing other aspects of Enterprise-associated devices.

As part of the package, that includes not only activations and suspensions at a single-click without user engagement. The IMEI lock will also ping the IT department if the SIM is moved to a different device. That allows more granular control over which devices have access to Enterprise assets and networking.

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Additionally, the service shows live diagnostics with a system overview to help IT managers troubleshoot any issues that could occur in real-time.

Finally, the system allows triggers and actions to be set with notifications associated with managing the SIMs in the network.

Pricing and availability aren't ready just yet

Now, HMD Global has not given away the pricing for HMD Connect Pro. The product will be available starting in October. And it will deliver robust, transparent, and flexible SIM management.  But the only indication on price is that the service will be "competitive."


It's also not immediately clear where the service will be available. However, the company points out that it has access to over 600 networks in more than 160 countries. That includes support for 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G — with the latter two being effectively a fall-back for 4G. So the service should be available just about everywhere with roaming enabled to move just about anywhere.

HMD Global will be updating its dedicated site with more information as that becomes available.