HBO Max On Android Finally Gets Skip Functionality


More than three months into the release, HBO Max is finally getting the ability to skip the intro scenes in shows. Version 50.4 of the HBO Max app for Android adds a new ‘Skip’ button to skip intros and promos. The new update began rolling out in the Google Play Store recently and should reach all users in the next few days.

The feature currently works with select titles only, including some first-party content like Doom Patrol, Android Police reports. This is presumably because the company will have to add timecodes to its entire library, which is quite big, to say the least.

HBO Max subscribers have long-bemoaned the app’s poor set of features. The ability to skip show intro scenes was one of the key missing features. Netflix has this ability since 2018, so subscribers would naturally expect it on HBO Max as well since it’s a competing service. To their joy, the service is finally getting one, although it doesn’t work with all content yet. Hopefully, the company will expand it to more titles soon.


HBO Max skip button

HBO Max adds skip button

HBO Max, the latest streaming service from AT&T-owned WarnerMedia, released back in May. It debuted with a huge library of shows and movies. However, the service launched without support for either Amazon Fire TV or Roku, two of the biggest streaming platforms right now, and that lack of support has hurt the company. HBO Max only signed up around four million subscribers in the first two months since launch.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar recently fired some shots at Amazon for not allowing HBO Max on Fire TV. He questioned the company’s “consumer first” stance saying “if Amazon was truly focused just on the consumers with Fire devices, then HBO Max would be on those devices. That’s something consumers want.”


The root cause of the issue is that Amazon wants to integrate HBO Max into its other services and offer it via Prime Video Channels. Roku also wants similar control over the service on its platform. WarnerMedia, on the other hand, wants HBO MAX to exist on the platforms as an independent app.

While the company continues the talks to make HBO Max available on the two platforms, it’s also enhancing the experience for its existing users by adding new features to the app. The new ‘Skip’ button is certainly a welcome addition.

As mentioned earlier, this feature is available on the HBO Max Android app version 50.4 or higher. You can update the app to the latest version through the Google Play Store or sideload the APK from third-party app hosting platforms such as APKMirror.