Fundo Is Basically Both Ticketmaster & Venue For Virtual Events

Fundo from Google announcement

Google experimental division Area 120 has a new ticketing and gathering platform for virtual events for content creators called Fundo. That’s based on a recently reported blog post from the search giant. As its branding implies, the web-based platform is all about funding content creators. But it’s also all about the fans — or at least paying fans.

What are Fundo and is this just for virtual events?

As Google describes Fundo, it’s meant to act in place of real-world encounters between content hosts and viewers — summarily, for virtual events and gatherings.

In effect, Fundo acts as a go-to end-to-end platform for content creators to host virtual events. So, for example, a popular YouTuber could host an event for all of their followers. Or, conversely, just for those who are paying members. Fundo includes all of the tools and features a user could want on that front. That includes one-to-one Chat + Photos, Meet and Greets, or Workshops.


The content creators themselves would be in control, in those circumstances, when it comes to the pricing of digital attendance tickets. And discounts are also possible via the system, as are free events.

Additionally, Fundo gives creators the tools to manage scheduling, sign-ups, payment processing, and communication for the events. That includes control over live streaming and guests during the event.

Where is the Fundo launching and when?

How and where Fundo can be found will be a bit different from end-users to content creators though. For example, Fundo has its own web-facing discovery platform for those users. Specifically, that’s to help users discover the events they could attend. They’ll simply need to choose the event and sign up — complete with ticket purchase. Reminders and links are sent automatically. Technical support has been set up to serve as needed.


For creators, the service comes complete with a profile page. And there are also customization options that allow call times and availability requests, as well as co-host invites.

Regardless of how things are set up, all of the interactions are web-based, as alluded to above. That means the platform is effectively universally available, with no apps required. Although it won’t be available for just anybody from the start. As is usually the case, Fundo is getting its trial run in the US and Canada.

Early adopters can start accessing the service today but that’s expected to open up sooner than later to other regions and users.