Google Working On A Facelift For Its Gmail Service

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After receiving a couple of new features for Gmail this month, a new report reveals that Google is working on a facelift for its email client Gmail services. Long story short, a new Gmail logo is in the works.

The company is now ready to give the logo an overhaul, and it starts with giving the app a new icon or logo. As per 9to5Google, the new logo was shared with them. However, it is just a technical drawing.

Though the new logo shared with 9to5Google is not anything complete. Besides, it is just an outline of what Google is working on for the Gmail logo.


Notably, Google Maps got its new logo, a "Pin" with all the company's colors. Google Photos also received the new logo, i.e. the "Pinwheel."

And now, in the process of making all of its apps reflect Google's four colors, Gmail would also get a logo. Though it is not sure when that will be up and live for the app.

Well, earlier this month, Google added a new feature that lets the user add people using "@" mentions. This is just like you would tag people on Instagram or WhatsApp.


Later, Google Meet was integrated with the Gmail app and was rolled out for all the GSuite users. This could be a blessing for some and annoying for others.

The new Gmail logo technical drawing shows an "M" letter with round edges

Coming back to the new Gmail logo drawing shared with 9to5Google, it shows the letter "M" with rounded edges. This is in line with the company's other logos rocking Google's four colors.

And it is pretty likely that the four colors will be painted all over this new Gmail logo. Note that Google is ditching the famous Envelope icon, which dates back to 2004.


The outer corners, as already mentioned, are rounded in nature and speak Google's latest design language. It will be interesting to see what the user's reaction would be once this new logo rolls out for the masses.

Our take of ditching the envelope icon from Gmail is that Google wants to present Gmail as something more than just being an email app.

With the recent addition of Google Chat, Meet, and Rooms, it is actually much more than a simple email application. And the inclusion of iconic four colors is to bring them in line with the other Google product's icons.


Currently, Gmail has two colors, i.e. red and white. Which makes it look different from all the other Google product icons that it offers presently.

As far as the launch or complete reveal is concerned, it is not sure when the new logo will be fully cooked and rolled over for the users. We will keep our eyes on any further developments in this regard.

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