Google Voice Update Makes It Easier To Access Ongoing Calls

google voice ongoing call notifications

A new Google Voice app update is now adding one more change to the Android app. Notably, the Google Voice call notification will allow users to access the ongoing calls more easily.

Google Voice app is already a mature app. And by mature, we mean that it already has all the features that a user would want from a calling app.

However, one of the features that now allows users to access ongoing calls. With the new Google Voice version 2020.38, when on call, the app will show a persistent notification.


This lets you quickly hang up the calls when you tap on this notification. Moreover, when the notification is tapped, it opens the call screen inside the Google Voice app.

Besides, the notification cannot be removed until the conversation is over. As per the official changelog, the new version adds a way to “see and access an on-going call while navigating the Voice app.”

Apparently, when you are in a call, a blue bar will show on top of the app. This will show you information to identify who you are talking to.


Once you tap on this blue notification, the full screen shows up options like the hang-up button, access the keypad, and take other actions.

The Google Voice call notification is a faster way to access the ongoing call

In fact, as per 9to5Google, the Google Voice blue notification allows the users to access the ongoing calls. Now, you do not need to swipe down the notification shade and then access the call.

This feature also comes handy when you accidentally dismiss the notification alert. However, the new Google Voice app version also brings stability and app improvements as well.


Though we are not sure what all improvements will be visible with the new update, it is a common language that developers use in the changelog.

The new Google Voice app update is live via Play Store

Luckily, this is not a server-side update. And is rolling out to the masses via the Google Play Store. This new app update is available to download from the Play Store.

Note that the new feature is live for the Android users. The iOS app has already received the update last month. So, it is the Android app version that is catching up.


The new app update is live for all the Google account holders. You can press the button below to be redirected to Play Store to grab the latest version of Google Voice.

Google Voice (Play Store)

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