Google TV Is The New Easier Way To Discover Entertainment

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Like with most Google products these days, the new Google TV is about making things easier, and in particular it's about making it easier to discover entertainment.

A big focus on this new device is cutting down the time you spend searching for something to watch and more time actually watching the content.

While not everyone spends more time browsing than watching, many people do, and a big part of that is because there's so much content available. Google TV is Google's way of making that entertainment content simpler to get to so you can enjoy more of it.


There's a lot that goes into this new experience, but the core of it is ease of use.

The Google TV entertainment experience is tailored to the user


Google made this new experience tailored to the user in a way that gets more of what you love in front of you.

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Part of that comes from the improvements in Google TV's knowledge graph. Google says that it comes with enhanced capabilities for understanding your favorite media topics and genres.

So if you're more into Rom-Coms, you should see more of this type of content surface on your home screen. If it's Sci-Fi that you prefer, then the same thing is true.

You can also easily find what you want to watch either by browsing or searching. And searching is even easier now thanks to the included remote which has a dedicated Google Assistant button. Simply press that and ask Google to find the content you're looking for.


There's even an area for movies and TV shows that are trending on Google so you can discover stuff you may not have heard of or seen before.

Find something you like but can't watch it right away? Save it to your watch list

The watch list is another huge part of the new Google TV experience. Sometimes you discover new stuff you may be interested in watching but aren't able to watch it right away, or you're just more interested something else at that time.

That's where the new watch list feature comes in. This new feature supports movies, TV shows, and live TV. So if you come across something that looks interesting, save it and you can always come back to it later.


Google also integrated YouTube TV into the live TV function. So if you're already a YouTube TV subscriber, you'll have a wealth of tailored content right from the start.

The YouTube TV content is located in Google TV's Live Tab. Where you can see currently airing shows and what's coming up next.

With Google Assistant baked into Google TV, you can even ask all the questions you want the answers to, or control all of your smart home devices. So long as they're Google Assistant compatible.