You Don't Have To Relinquish Ethernet For Chromecast With Google TV

chromecast with google tv

The new Chromecast with Google TV dongle is a shoo-in for the best streaming device around and it’s Ethernet-compatible too. That’s based on recent reports following an announcement. But the new adapter accessory is already live and available for pre-order in the Google Store. The adapter, as its name betrays, ensures that users get a solid, constant internet connection. And it does so by adding an Ethernet port directly from the power adapter for the new Chromecast.

So users can plug the device into the wall outlet and then plug an Ethernet cable into the adapter. The result is a device with a power port that delivers both a better connection and the power needed to run. More specifically, it provides 5V/1.5A of power to the Chromecast device, and it supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connections.

That means that users can easily hardwire their new Chromecast for areas that have a hard time properly receiving a Wi-Fi signal. Or use Ethernet instead if they simply prefer that over Wi-Fi.


Conversely, this should make the new streaming gadget much more appealing to Stadia gamers, if and when the service makes its way over.

There is one glaring caveat for this Chromecast Ethernet adapter though

The biggest drawback for this adapter, at least in its current iteration on the Google Store, is its color. The new Chromecast with Google TV comes in three colors, meant to accent the aesthetics of any home. Those are a coral pink/orange-like Sunrise, light-blue/green Sky, and stark Snow white.

The Ethernet adapter for Chromecast with Google TV comes in precisely one color. Namely, that’s a brisk and bright glossy white hue. Even Google’s Snow color is a bit on the grey side, giving it a subdued look rather than a glossy one. So the color of the Ethernet adapter doesn’t necessarily match up well with any of the colors for the Chromecast itself.


That’s likely going to remain the case too. Since most users will be tucking the cable for the adapter behind their display and out of sight, it shouldn’t, in theory, be a dealbreaker.

Pricing and availability

Now, availability for the Ethernet adapter is going to effectively be everywhere the new Chromecast can be purchased. And it’s available for pre-order now. A Google help page notes that it will explicitly be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States (except Puerto Rico).

Conversely, Google set the price for pre-orders of the “Power + Ethernet” adapter at a fairly reasonable $19.99.

Chromecast with Google TV Ethernet Adapter
Google Chromecast with Google TV Power + Ethernet Adapter